Fund Monitoring

Fund Monitoring.

Wellington King have extensive experience in providing fund monitoring services to both private and corporate lenders, ranging from development loans of £200k to £15m. Our approach is to engage with both the lender and developer as early as possible to identify key risks and develop and in-depth understanding of the project to assist in overcoming these risks. We aim to add value to the project throughout our involvement via constructive and targeted advice and early identification of any potential problems. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, Wellington King are able to prevent issues arising which may otherwise cause the development to enter difficulty

Why Us.

We tailor our reports to the need of the client; ranging from a short-form report to in-depth reporting depending on the client’s needs. We know that co-operative engagement with the developer provides the best chance of a successful outcome for both lender and developer, and we ensure this approach from beginning to end of a project. 

Our standard reporting turnaround times are reliably quick, typically 48 hours, allowing the developer to rapidly access funds and prove the value of our involvement.

Case Studies.